Family Fitness of North Muskegon Group Exercise and Aerobic Class Schedule

Last Update: August 15, 2016


05:15am Total Body Blast Cheryl
09:00am Boot Camp Kristine
10:00am Build & Burn Kristine
05:00pm Yoga Glenda
06:00pm Interval Training Glenda
07:00pm Zumba® Wendy
08:00pm Butt & Thigh Lift Jennifer

09:00am Butt & Gut Kristine
10:00am Step & Strength Kristine
05:15pm TRX® Becky
06:00pm Group Personal Training Julius
07:00pm Zumba® Billie
08:00pm Boxing Antonio

05:15am Total Body Blast Cheryl
09:00am Cardio & Sculpt Shelley
10:00am Butt & Gut Shelley
05:15pm Strength Training Becky
06:00pm Kickboxing Antonio
07:00pm Zumba® Wendy

09:00am Build & Burn Kristine
05:00pm Yoga Glenda
07:00pm Zumba® Billie
08:00pm Boxing Antonio

05:15am Total Body Blast Cheryl
06:30am Pilates & Resistance Becky
09:00am Cardio & Sculpt Shelley

07:30am Total Body Blast Cheryl
10:30am Zumba® Alternating

Classes Descriptions:

Build & Burn – combines cardio and strength for an all over body conditioning workout. Circuits, dumbbells, plyometrics, bands, and balls are just some of what you might find in this 60 minute session.

Butt & Gut – is 45-60 minutes of cardio targeting your glutes and abs.

Boxing – our boxing class is as real as it gets. They do conditioning and boxing drills including heavy and speed bag work.

Boot Camp – combines body-weight exercises with cardio and strength training to melt body fat!

Cardio KickBoxing – incorporates high intensity kicking and punching routines for an excellent upper and lower body workout. A fun hour that will blast calories, build strength, stamina and improve coordination.Both defensive martial arts classes,

Cardio & Sculpt – includes intervals of upper body and core muscle exercises off the bike along with the intense cardio for a 60 minute session.

Group Personal Training – provides a chance to learn from one of the pros. A wide variety of workouts hitting all of the muscle groups.

Interval Training – varied cardiovascular exercise including Tabata, resistance bands, weights, kettle bells, jump rope and stretching.

Pilates & Resistance – uses weights, bands and your body weight to isolate muscles for a 30 minute workout.

Step & Strength – mixes basic step aerobics with intervals of strength training. No fancy footwork to slow you down, just a good hard workout! The strength aspect uses a variety of equipment to work every major muscle group in this one hour class.

Strength Training – body weight with dumbbells.

Yoga – provides tremendous stress relief and added flexibility from deep breathing and holding poses.

Zumba┬« – uses Latin music and dance moves for an invigorating full body workout.